Since we been here in America a lot of brothers have had ideas to get us home to Afrika. Marcus Garvey had an idea. Elijah Muhammad, too. Father Divine had one. The sisters and brothers who found The Republic of New Afrika, had a great idea. And the Panthers, too. As you can see, ideas have been shared with our people for years. Man, I even had an idea a few years back, but nobody showed up and bought a ticket to board the ship I built, lol.
Anyway, it is WRONG to say that one idea was/is better than another. Why is it wrong? It is wrong because it is not kool to place a value judgments on any idea that has at its roots, a plan to liberate, to free us from being oppressed and dominated and exploited. Hell, i’ll ride the back of a seaturtle or floating tree branch to get back to Afrika!
Our people look for different routes back to Afrika, is my point, and to say one route is better than the other route, is to imitate the kind of negative value judgments European-Americans are KNOWN for doing. For example, when the whites came to Afrika and saw us showing love to the recently deceased whom we called Ancestors, they told us it was wrong, that their way, Christianity, was right. Well, how we did it was not wrong, dig it. We simply did it DIFFERENTLY than they did. If they wanna try to connect to God through His Son, that’s kool. More power to them. But don’t come to our part of the world and tell us that how we connect to the Spiritual Life Force, is wrong because we don’t pray to a GodSon named Jesus, or follow the words of a book called the Bible.
And overstand that there was MORE THAN ONE SLAVE SHIP anyway! We did not all come at once aboard a huge, spectacularly big Carnival Cruise ship the size of Detroit, which would, when I think about it, be too damn small anyway to have carried the nearly 100 million Afrikan kidnapped over 300 years, if not more. My point is that if there was more than one slave ship hauling our Ancestors overseas, why would there be only one organization and ideology to get us free, to get us back to Afrika?
But, hey, you got to chose one or the other, and if you don’t think the ride is gonna be up to your liking, then build your own ship (organization/ideology). Whatever the case, make sure that it gets us back to where we were happy and free.
I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of being dominated and oppressed and exploited and disrespected by people who think they better than us because – get this – because they skin is white and ours ain’t. I wanna go home! And I wanna go home now! Right now! At this moment! Wait. On second thought, my Momma want me to wait for the tv repairman. He bringing us a new picture tube because the black and white tube on our 15 year old Motorola floor model went out last night when we was watching this new group called The Jackson 5, on the Ed Sullivan Show. But, hold me a seat, you dig. Now give me five, but on the black hand side!