IF SOMEBODY TELL YOU THAT AFRIKANS DON’T LIKE THOSE OF US BORN IN AMERICA, DON’T LISTEN. Well, you can listen, just don’t take the message to heart and, worse, pass it on. Look, we each have had different experiences interacting with sisters and brothers from Afrika who are living here in these united snakes. For example, I’ve had both pleasant and unpleasant experiences. One sister who was going over a short story manuscript I was writing, suggested that an error I made in re-telling an Afrikan creation story, was due to me being born in America and not Afrika, and so, I couldn’t help it, she finished with a smile. Oh, really, I thought to myself? I didn’t want to create friction between us. I wanted her as an ally, a friend. So I let that one pass.
And this is what we Afrikans born in America have to do when we come across a sister or brother from the Motherland who has had her mind messed-over with lies about her counterparts in America. We must forgive THEM, and stop forgiving the oppressor so damn much, you dig. Forgiving each other creates solidarity; forgiving the oppressor creates, well, more oppression, but in its most subtle, almost unnoticeable form (I mean, instead of clocking us over the head with a whip, the clock our brains with nonsense, lies, and a tight fist of propaganda, for good measure, and to make sure we down for the count).
Don’t believe the hype. The oppressor wants us to dislike each other so that we can never have unity. Oh, but you say we DO have unity? I remember the rapper The Game, in a hip-hop magazine article, suggesting that Black folks are unified because, well, we got gangs, and gangs is unified. Yep. He said that. But I ain’t madd at bruh. He simply had another kind of unity in mind, a unity that has nothing to do with Black Liberation, that’s all. Because gangs ARE unified — unified in a self-destruction rooted in our being socialized to be self-destructive. So, just with the Afrikan sister, I, too, let Game’s comment pass…
Hold up. I hear my little brother in my bedroom spraying my Afro Sheen like he done lost his mind! See yall next post! So, holla Black!