Yea. I screamed it. Whatcha gonna do, pop me upside the skull with a protest sign? Before you do hear a brutha out. King was cool. He had a dream. We all have a dream. Problem is his dream wasn’t realistic. Why not? His dream was not realistic because it was based on his belief that European-Americans will oneday change how they treat us. My question is: where in their history will you find them EVER changing how they treat any non-white people, let along Black folk? My point is that European-Americans have profited too much from behaving badly. It’s like the thief who retires while he is in his prime of stealing. What would be his reason to give up the thieving life if his whole house and bank account is filled with other people’s stuff and money? Hell, he gonna want more, right?
We have to understand that white folk have no compelling reason to change, if changing means not winning the lottery everyday of the year, which is really what they do when they keep us from being able to compete with them. It’s easy to win a foot race when you have chains on the legs of the person against whom you’re competing. But then who wants to compete or, worse, be equal with a cheater, a liar, a thief, and someone whose excuse for enslaving you then and now is that your skin is not white and theirs is? Like, how can you say you are a SUPERIOR thinker, have a SUPERIOR intellect, and can out think any Black person, then hate on us for the SIMPLE reason of skin color difference? I mean, intelligent people don’t normally thInk SIMPLE thoughts, right? You say you intelligent yet you hate me because of my SKIN COLOR? Huh? Sayyywhaaat? I mean, if you hated me because of, I don’t know, my people are the historical originators of mathematics, science, astronomy, philosophy and almost everything else under the Sun, then I can understand why you have a bowl of hate for breakfast every morning. But, dang, you hate me because we ain’t twins? I don’t want to be twins with a race of people who have, since their Industrial Revolution, put the Planet and its humans, animals, and plants on the road to extinction, all for the sake of making money at all cost to human, plant, and animal life! To save the planet before its too late, they should be OUR twin instead.
Alright. Let me cool it down. Catch my breath. Right now I really should be washing my bell bottom blue jeans for the blue light basement party tonight, instead of working up a sweat after the shower I had before I jumped on this typewriter. Look, our condition in America is not our fault. It’s not our fault, no matter what the European-American tells us. Nobody asks or begs to be oppressed and dominated. And you certainly don’t ask your oppressor, like King did, to let us live among you. Let me go. I wanna turn the damn ships back and be where Nature was seen as Spirit, and animals were not caged for our amusement (Hey, that caged bird ain’t singing, she weeping to be free again), and plants were not exposed to deathly chemicals, and when someone said they gonna do something, they do it, not over a period of decades, but soon, or right now. Integrate? I don’t think so. Separate? Right On!