Yea. I screamed it. Whatcha gonna do, pop me upside the skull with a protest sign? Before you do hear a brutha out. King was cool. He had a dream. We all have a dream. Problem is his dream wasn’t realistic. Why not? His dream was not realistic because it was based on his belief that European-Americans will oneday change how they treat us. My question is: where in their history will you find them EVER changing how they treat any non-white people, let along Black folk? My point is that European-Americans have profited too much from behaving badly. It’s like the thief who retires while he is in his prime of stealing. What would be his reason to give up the thieving life if his whole house and bank account is filled with other people’s stuff and money? Hell, he gonna want more, right?
We have to understand that white folk have no compelling reason to change, if changing means not winning the lottery everyday of the year, which is really what they do when they keep us from being able to compete with them. It’s easy to win a foot race when you have chains on the legs of the person against whom you’re competing. But then who wants to compete or, worse, be equal with a cheater, a liar, a thief, and someone whose excuse for enslaving you then and now is that your skin is not white and theirs is? Like, how can you say you are a SUPERIOR thinker, have a SUPERIOR intellect, and can out think any Black person, then hate on us for the SIMPLE reason of skin color difference? I mean, intelligent people don’t normally thInk SIMPLE thoughts, right? You say you intelligent yet you hate me because of my SKIN COLOR? Huh? Sayyywhaaat? I mean, if you hated me because of, I don’t know, my people are the historical originators of mathematics, science, astronomy, philosophy and almost everything else under the Sun, then I can understand why you have a bowl of hate for breakfast every morning. But, dang, you hate me because we ain’t twins? I don’t want to be twins with a race of people who have, since their Industrial Revolution, put the Planet and its humans, animals, and plants on the road to extinction, all for the sake of making money at all cost to human, plant, and animal life! To save the planet before its too late, they should be OUR twin instead.
Alright. Let me cool it down. Catch my breath. Right now I really should be washing my bell bottom blue jeans for the blue light basement party tonight, instead of working up a sweat after the shower I had before I jumped on this typewriter. Look, our condition in America is not our fault. It’s not our fault, no matter what the European-American tells us. Nobody asks or begs to be oppressed and dominated. And you certainly don’t ask your oppressor, like King did, to let us live among you. Let me go. I wanna turn the damn ships back and be where Nature was seen as Spirit, and animals were not caged for our amusement (Hey, that caged bird ain’t singing, she weeping to be free again), and plants were not exposed to deathly chemicals, and when someone said they gonna do something, they do it, not over a period of decades, but soon, or right now. Integrate? I don’t think so. Separate? Right On!



IF SOMEBODY TELL YOU THAT AFRIKANS DON’T LIKE THOSE OF US BORN IN AMERICA, DON’T LISTEN. Well, you can listen, just don’t take the message to heart and, worse, pass it on. Look, we each have had different experiences interacting with sisters and brothers from Afrika who are living here in these united snakes. For example, I’ve had both pleasant and unpleasant experiences. One sister who was going over a short story manuscript I was writing, suggested that an error I made in re-telling an Afrikan creation story, was due to me being born in America and not Afrika, and so, I couldn’t help it, she finished with a smile. Oh, really, I thought to myself? I didn’t want to create friction between us. I wanted her as an ally, a friend. So I let that one pass.
And this is what we Afrikans born in America have to do when we come across a sister or brother from the Motherland who has had her mind messed-over with lies about her counterparts in America. We must forgive THEM, and stop forgiving the oppressor so damn much, you dig. Forgiving each other creates solidarity; forgiving the oppressor creates, well, more oppression, but in its most subtle, almost unnoticeable form (I mean, instead of clocking us over the head with a whip, the clock our brains with nonsense, lies, and a tight fist of propaganda, for good measure, and to make sure we down for the count).
Don’t believe the hype. The oppressor wants us to dislike each other so that we can never have unity. Oh, but you say we DO have unity? I remember the rapper The Game, in a hip-hop magazine article, suggesting that Black folks are unified because, well, we got gangs, and gangs is unified. Yep. He said that. But I ain’t madd at bruh. He simply had another kind of unity in mind, a unity that has nothing to do with Black Liberation, that’s all. Because gangs ARE unified — unified in a self-destruction rooted in our being socialized to be self-destructive. So, just with the Afrikan sister, I, too, let Game’s comment pass…
Hold up. I hear my little brother in my bedroom spraying my Afro Sheen like he done lost his mind! See yall next post! So, holla Black!

My Man, Who Is Gonna Steer The Ship Homeward To Afrika?

Since we been here in America a lot of brothers have had ideas to get us home to Afrika. Marcus Garvey had an idea. Elijah Muhammad, too. Father Divine had one. The sisters and brothers who found The Republic of New Afrika, had a great idea. And the Panthers, too. As you can see, ideas have been shared with our people for years. Man, I even had an idea a few years back, but nobody showed up and bought a ticket to board the ship I built, lol.
Anyway, it is WRONG to say that one idea was/is better than another. Why is it wrong? It is wrong because it is not kool to place a value judgments on any idea that has at its roots, a plan to liberate, to free us from being oppressed and dominated and exploited. Hell, i’ll ride the back of a seaturtle or floating tree branch to get back to Afrika!
Our people look for different routes back to Afrika, is my point, and to say one route is better than the other route, is to imitate the kind of negative value judgments European-Americans are KNOWN for doing. For example, when the whites came to Afrika and saw us showing love to the recently deceased whom we called Ancestors, they told us it was wrong, that their way, Christianity, was right. Well, how we did it was not wrong, dig it. We simply did it DIFFERENTLY than they did. If they wanna try to connect to God through His Son, that’s kool. More power to them. But don’t come to our part of the world and tell us that how we connect to the Spiritual Life Force, is wrong because we don’t pray to a GodSon named Jesus, or follow the words of a book called the Bible.
And overstand that there was MORE THAN ONE SLAVE SHIP anyway! We did not all come at once aboard a huge, spectacularly big Carnival Cruise ship the size of Detroit, which would, when I think about it, be too damn small anyway to have carried the nearly 100 million Afrikan kidnapped over 300 years, if not more. My point is that if there was more than one slave ship hauling our Ancestors overseas, why would there be only one organization and ideology to get us free, to get us back to Afrika?
But, hey, you got to chose one or the other, and if you don’t think the ride is gonna be up to your liking, then build your own ship (organization/ideology). Whatever the case, make sure that it gets us back to where we were happy and free.
I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of being dominated and oppressed and exploited and disrespected by people who think they better than us because – get this – because they skin is white and ours ain’t. I wanna go home! And I wanna go home now! Right now! At this moment! Wait. On second thought, my Momma want me to wait for the tv repairman. He bringing us a new picture tube because the black and white tube on our 15 year old Motorola floor model went out last night when we was watching this new group called The Jackson 5, on the Ed Sullivan Show. But, hold me a seat, you dig. Now give me five, but on the black hand side!


How To Turn Back The Ships Without Leaving America

     What’s happening!  Now that I’m finish picking out my ‘fro and turning down the music on my 8-track, let me type what this blog is designed to encourage you to do: it is to encourage you to turn back the ships.  This means behaving and thinking like the Afrikan people we used to be before our Ancestors was violently kidnapped from our own Homeland, which is still Mother Afrika, and forced onto ships that sailed westward. Look, we did not come here on our own, which is to say that we did not find an international travel agent to book us Carnival cruises to sail the seas and find another place, then stay there. You see, we got to turn back those ships! Got to get back home!  If not physically, then spiritually, intellectually, behaviorally, even nutritionally. Yep, we gotta stop eatin’ mac and cheese and roman noodles and Kool-Aid and ham hocks and white bread.  It tastes good, but it ain’t good for the body, can you dig it?

     It is often said by European-Americans  (white people, remember, trace their roots back to Europe, just as we trace ours to Afrika)) that we are all the same.  No we ain’t!  Well, at least we weren’t always the same.  We had our differences back in Afrika.  For example, did you know that in Afrika the first pronouns a child usually learns are “We” and “Us”?  Now, the first pronouns white children learn in the West (America, Europe) are “I” and “Me”.  You do not have to know pyramid-building science to understand that a society in which the pronouns “I” and “Me” are dominant, is a society where the individual is more important than the group, as indicated in the phrase, “Man, look, I got mines, you get yours,” which we’ve heard people say all the time, right?  Now. on the other hand, in a society where the pronouns “We” and “Us” are learned first, you will see people working together to make certain EVERYONE is happy, that EVERYONE gets a piece of the pie.  I am not saying that in Afrika the individual did not matter.  I am instead saying that the INDIVIDUAL WAS NOT MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE GROUP, AND THAT INDIVIDUAL NEEDS DID NOT COME BEFORE GROUP NEEDS.  Do you understand now?

     Back in Europe’s 1600’s, there was this guy, a French dude name Rene’ Decartes (pronounced Ra-nay Day-cart).  If you had the opportunity to study philosophy in high school or college, you learned that this guy was a math genius, real smart, you dig.  Well, one day, he put on his philosophy hat and asked the question, “How do I know I exist?”  Then he walked around outside to think, and came up with this famous answer, “I think; therefore I am.”  Now, what he is saying is that because he can think, and can doubt, this means he must exist, by golly.  Duh.  If you thinking about getting your hands on a bowl of brown rice and red beans, you must exist, right?  I mean, if you stuck in a wooden box six feet below the crab grass growing over your resting place, you can’t possible be thinking about suppertime. 

      Anyway, fast forward to the 1900s, and this Afrikan philosopher named John Mbiti, from Senegal, took a look at what Rene’ wrote and and John said to hisself, “Ok.  Kool.  But the Afrikan would never use those words.”  Instead, Johnny M. came up with this, “I am because We are; and since we are, therefore I am.”  Notice the difference?  Rene’ words keep emphasizing “I”.  John’s words keep emphasizing equally “We” and “I”.  In other words, there is a balance between the two pronouns, as neither dominates the other, though in traditional Afrikan societies, the group was more important than the individual.

     I’m tellin’ ya’ll.  We as a people are not who we used to be.  You is different now.   You is Toby.  Ooops, I mean, you somebody else, yo.  We don’t recognize ourselves anymore.  And the schools ain’t tellin’ us who we used to be.  Wait.  Let me take that back.  The schools tell us we used to be slaves.  C’mom, you know what I’m talkin’ bout.  In those history books there is always that picture of Afrikan men, women, and children chained together and being marched through the jungle.  Remember that picture?  their heads are bowed down in shame and defeat and hopelessness.  Yea, THAT picture.  So, with THAT picture its like we was ALWAYS slaves, from the beginning. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   It is rare to see history book drawings of Afrikan people living peacefully in villages surrounded by a river or stream, fishing, cooking, children playing hide and seek, teen boys kicking a grass ball around and trying not to appear eager to look and see what the girls are talking and laughing about, Elder Men in a circle discussing village law and order, teen girls gathering crops and sneaking peeps at the boy they want to be with.  The reason why you don’t see such pictures is because you might get the bright idea that, compared to where you live now, something ain’t right, and you want it right because those way back in the day times appeal to your sense of what happiness should look like, your sense of Afrikaness, of being with fellow tribe members, in harmony with each other and with Mother Nature.   Oh yea, we had our tribal wars, usually over land to plant more crops or feed the cattle, or even to avenge the death of a fellow tribe member who “accidently” got stuck with an arrow by another dude from another tribe. But every human society since the beginning of time had such conflicts; its a part of different peoples living and sharing the land, trying to get along, which they did most of the time.

     Ok.  That’s enough for the day.  Read it and leap towards the stars in the joy of having learned something about who we used to be in our own Homeland.  And while you are at it, pass this blog on to somebody else.  The more people we can get to unchain and then storm the decks, the greater success we will have turning back those damn ships.   You down wit it? Then give me five!